The organizations must collect the information about the software applications for maintaining the software license agreement contract . But, it is not possible to control the several numbers of the software applications. The IT experts suggest to use the software asset management tool. This tool is really a helpful application. Upgraded version of the software asset management applications can be found. The SAM tools are also named as the software license compliance tools. Firstly, the software users should learn about the software licensing agreement. The software licensing agreement is a legal contract. The software publishers and the users, both the parties should maintain this contact.

It is an essential to renew the software license agreement contract. In this case, the software users should take the responsibility while using the software. It is necessary for using the authorized and upgraded software. The software license agreement up gradation helps to be the software license compliance. On the other hand, the software developers regularly trace the software usage and find out the present status of the software applications. The software vendors notify the software users to renew the software license, immediately. It helps to prevent the software piracy.

Benefits of using the software license compliance tools

· This tool is used by the software users. With the help of a SAM tool, the software users get the information about the installed software, over licensed software, unused software, etc.

· The software asset management tool or a license management tool maintains the database, which is related to the installed software application. The software type, license type, vendor’s details, etc. should be there in a database.

· The software users can follow this database and renew the software license agreements.· In the case of an automated software asset management tool, the users don’t have to worry about anything. This tool will renew the license agreements automatically.

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